Finding Your Place in the Family

At Faith Family Church, we are always so excited when we welcome new members into the FFC Family! We value membership as something that is so much more than putting your name and information on a card and turning it in. Membership is having a sense of "ownership" to where you value the health, growth, and influence of the local church that you are a member of. It's also having a sense of "sonship" as you are becoming part of the FFC family! 

FIRST STEP is not only an introduction to FFC and who we are, but it's also your first step towards becoming a member. So if you have not taken your "first step" towards membership yet, sign up for an upcoming FIRST STEP today!

Once you've completed your FIRST STEP, then it's time to get on track, the GROWTH TRACK that is. The FFC Growth Track is comprised of three classes: the FAITH Class, the FAMILY Class, and the CHURCH class. Each class covers one or more of our core values and also helps you discover how to grow in faith, grow with family, and grow His Church!

At FFC we say, "Every member is in ministry, and everyone in ministry is a member!"  We desire that those who want to become members need to find a place, big or small, to serve in ministry. 30 SERVE is a 30 day, no strings attached, process where you to "try out" a ministry for a month. You can do as many times as needed until you find where God wants you!

Once you have completed FIRST STEP, the GROWTH TRACK, and after having done a 30 SERVE one or more times until you find where God wants you in ministry here at FFC, then you may submit an application for membership!